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Steel-belt Reinforced Flexible Pipe
    Publish time 2014-08-28 14:24    
Steel-belt Reinforced Flexible Pipe
The steel -belt reinforced flexible pipe is anunbonded flexible pipe, the inner and outer layers can be HDPE, PERT, PEX, PA or PVDF, and the middle layer is steel belt.
The advantages of steel-belt reinforced flexible pipe are as follow:
High corrosion resistance and good high temperature resistance (applicable to onshore, shallow water, and climatic environment with more complicated operation conditions);
Strong resistance to internal and external pressure (applicable to operation conditions such as internal and external pressures are high, while ordinary pipelines cannot meet such operation conditions and other uncertain factors)
Good ring stiffness and bending resistance (applicable to short-span pipelines, buried pipelines, pipelines with large drop);
Better flexibility and fatigue resistance (due to the special reinforced layer material: steel belt, the fatigue resistance of the steel belt reinforced flexible pipeline will not be affected by pressure fluctuations during application);
Simple production process and low production cost;
Convenient storage and cheap installation;
A new option for offshore oil and gas pipelines with appropriate weight, which can solve the instability problem of offshore pipelines to a certain extent.
SEP can provide steel-belt reinforced flexible pipes with diameter of 50-200mm (2-8 inches), working pressure up to 32Mpa, and working temperature up to 110℃, which can be applied to used for onshore oil and gas exploitation for the following purposes:
Oil and gas pipeline
Oil and gas gathering and transportation pipeline
Natural gas pipeline
Multiphase flow pipeline
High-pressure water injection pipeline
At the same time, the steel-belt reinforced flexible pipe can also be used in the following offshore oil and gas applications withwater depth up to 100 meters:
High-pressure water injection pipeline
Oil and gas transporation pipeline
Oil and gas gathering and transportation pipeline
Well workover pipeline