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Aramid-fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe
    Publish time 2020-04-22 09:48    
Aramid-fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe

Reinforced Flexible Pipe (RFP) is a reinforced pipe, which is flexible, spoolable, high pressure resistant. Its main advantages include corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and heat insulation, strong conveying capacity, good flexibility, quick installation, with lessend connectors, high cost performance and long service life.

The RFP pipe usually consisitsof 3 layers (as shown in the figure below), the inner and outer layers are HDPE, PERT, PEX, PA or PVDF, and the middle layer is a reinforced belt composed of reinforced materials.



SEP can provide aramid-fiber reinforced flexible pipes with diameter of 50-200mm (2-8inches), which can work under operation pressure up to 32Mpa, and high-temperature up to 130℃, It can be applied to crude oil gathering and transportation pipelines, water injection and return pipelines, brine treatment transportation pipelines, other media conveying such ashigh-sulfur oil, gas and water; geothermal hot spring water supply pipelines; municipal pipelines; chemically corrosive media or chemical pipelines; mining pipelines; old pipeline rehablitation; emergency repair pipelines in various fields, etc.