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PROFESSIONAL FLEXIBLE PIPE                                                SUPPLIER​​


We provide whole industry chain service and comprehensive solutions for pipes

  • Repair and Monitoring of Flexible Pipe

    In case of abnormal damage to the flexible pipe, our technical support staff will repair the pipe in the shortest time.
    We can also provide flexible pipe leakage monitoring system, real-time monitoring of flexible pipe leakage and timely warning.

  • Installation of Flexible Pipes

    Besides providing flexible pipe products, SEP can not only supply special equipment and tools for product installation, but also provide trainings on end fitting connection and on-site pipe installation.

  • Design of Flexible Pipe

    SEP can provide our client swith integrated high-quality services from flexible pipe design, installation to inspection, and participate in flexible pipe design and parameter setting, choose the most cost-effective design scheme according to the operation pressure, temperature, and service life of the flexible pipe, provide the most reliable method of pipeline connection.

Technical service