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Glass-fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe
    Publish time 2014-08-28 14:22    
Glass-fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe

 The glass-fiber reinforced flexible pipe uses thermoplastics as inner layer, the continuous glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepreg tape or rope is wound to form an intermediate reinforcement layer, and the thermoplastic is used as the outer layer. Itisa composite pipe bonded and integrated between layers.Compared with the conventional unbonded metalreinforced flexible pipe, the advantages of glass-fiber reinforced flexible pipe are as follow: Superior corrosion resistance;
Strong anti-creep ability and anti-scratch ability;
High elasticity and high toughness;
Low expansion coefficient;
Low production costs, the application of glass-fiber materials can significantly reduce the cost of materials;
Easy installation and low maintenance cost
SEP can provide glass-fiber reinforced flexible pipes with diameter of 50-200mm (2-8 inches), which can work under high-pressure up to 32Mpa, and high-temperature up to 95℃. Its main application areas are as follow:
Oil and gas gathering and transportation pipeline
Water treatment
Gas injection or water injection pipe
Carbon dioxide injection
sour medium environment