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Polyester fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe
    Publish time 2014-08-28 14:18    
Polyester fiber Reinforced Flexible Pipe
Polyester fiberreinforced flexible pipe is a three-layer composite pipe composed of various materials. The inner lining and outer layer are usually made of polymer materials with natural anti-corrosion property; the reinforced layer is a kind of high-strength industrial polyester, which not only has excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility, but also can withstand higher loads.
SEP can provide polyester reinforced flexible pipes with diameter of 50-200mm (2-8 inches), which can work under high-pressure up to 20Mpa, and high-temperature up to75℃.
Polyester fiberreinforced flexible pipe is widely used in onshore oil fields because of its high cost performance, and the main application areas are as follow:
Single well gathering and transportation pipeline network in onshore oil and gas fields
High-pressure alcohol injection pipeline for natural gas exploitation
Oilfield water injection pipeline
Sewage pipeline
Oil-gas-water mixed pipeline in acid oil and gas field
Continuous underground water injection pipeline
Brine, chemical raw materials and other corrosive media conveying pipelines
Palm oil pipeline