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Steel-cord Reinforced Flexible Pipe
    Publish time 2014-08-28 14:06    
适合陆地油气开采 适合中高压和高温工况,耐腐蚀好,重量轻,安装便利
Steel-cord Reinforced Flexible Pipe
   The steel cord reinforced flexible pipe uses thermoplastic as the inner layer, steel cord as the middle reinforcement layer, and the thermoplastic as the outer protective layer, and the composite pipe are bonded and composited between the layers. The advantages of steel cord reinforced flexible pipe are as follow:
  Good corrosion resistance;
  Good product quality stability, it can withstand high temperature and high pressure.
  Easy to be spooled, easy to be installed;
  The unit strength of the steel cord is high, when under the same operation conditions, its weight will be lighter than that of the steel belt reinforced pipe.
  SEP can provide steel cord reinforced flexible pipes with diameter of 50-200mm (2-8 inches), which can work under high-pressure up to 32Mpa, and high-temperature up to 105℃.It can be applied to the following uses of onshore oil and gas exploitation:
  Oil and gas pipeline
  Oil and gas gathering and transportation pipeline
  Natural gas pipeline
  Multiphase flow pipeline
  High-pressure water injection pipeline