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Pipe Connectors
    Publish time 2014-08-28 13:59    
Pipe Connectors

SEP can design and process pipe connectors matching all kinds of flexible pipes, which can bear the highest pressure level to 10000Psi (69MPa) rating. The size specification is mainly 2-8 inches. According to the different installation environment and installation parts, we can provide many types of connectors include: butt-welded pipeconnector, electric fusion pipe connector, swaging pipe connector, threaded pipe connector, various special-shaped pipe connectors and special fittings. Our pipe connectors are fast and simple to be installed, with high reliability, good corrosion resistance and sealability.
The end fitting materialis seclected according to the opeartion conditions of the product and the client’s requirements, mainly including: carbon steel (preserved by special processes);304, 316L stainless steel; nickel-based alloys under special operation conditions (such as sourservice environment).
Several factors for pipe connector design considerations:
1. Its axial strength changes after the pipe connector is connected with the pipe,.
2. The sealing of the connector and its anti-corrosion between the material of reinforcement layer.
3. The connector itself and the medium, environment and service life.
4. The sealing of the pipe connector ends and the bending parts of pipes.
5. The gas in the inner pipe penetrates the connectors and discharged from the connectors
6. Electrical corrosion and cathodic protection etc. shall be considered for the metal reinforced flexbile pipes.

Butt welded flanged end fitting                                                                 Threaded flanged end fitting
      Swaged flanged end fitting                                                                         Electric fusion type flanged end fitting